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Iranian Journal of Public Health has been continuously published since 1971, as the only Journal in all health domains, with wide distribution (including WHO in Geneva and Cairo) in two languages (English and Persian). From 2001 issue, the Journal is published only in English language. During the last 41 years more than 2000 scientific research papers, results of health activities, surveys and services, have been published in this Journal. To meet the increasing demand of respected researchers, as of January 2012, the Journal is published monthly. I wish this will assist to promote the level of global knowledge. The main topics that the Journal would welcome are: Bioethics, Disaster and Health, Entomology, Epidemiology, Health and Environment, Health Economics, Health Services, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Mental Health, Microbiology, Nutrition and Food Safety, Occupational Health, Oral Health. We would be very delighted to receive your Original papers, Review Articles, Short communications, Case reports and Scientific Letters to the Editor on the above men­tioned research areas.

Vol 45, No 8 (2016): Published at 28 Aug 2016

Table of Contents

Review Article(s)

Breastfeeding Education: Where Are We Going? A Systematic Review Article PDF XML
Maria Adriana BURGIO, Antonio Simone LAGANÀ, Angela SICILIA, Romana PROSPERI PORTA, Maria Grazia PORPORA, Helena BAN FRANGEŽ, Giovanni DI VENTI, Onofrio TRIOLO Pages: 970-977
Quality of Life in Elderly Iranian Population Using the QOL-brief Questionnaire: A Systematic Review PDF XML
Zahra CHERAGHI, Amin DOOSTI-IRANI, Sima NEDJAT, Parvin CHERAGHI, Saharnaz NEDJAT Pages: 978-985
Review of Medicinal Remedies on Hand Eczema Based on Ira-nian Traditional Medicine: A Narrative Review Article PDF XML
Parvin MANSOURI, Aleme KHADEMI, Daryoush PAHLEVAN, Zahra MEMARIANI, Jale ALIASL, Laila SHIRBEIGII Pages: 986-996

Original Article(s)

Effects of Alcohol Consumption Frequency on Health Index in Korean Women PDF XML
Hee-Ju KWON, Ik-Rae CHO, Hyo-Joo PARK, Tae-Young KIM Pages: 997-1003
Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Cor Pulmonale and Its Effect on Exercise Capacity PDF XML
Wenxin XU, Jiwei YAO, Longfei CHEN Pages: 1004-1011
Estimation of the Change of Ovarian Cancer Incidence in Kazakhstan: Component Analysis of Its Dynamics with the Consideration of Ethnic Features PDF XML
A Path Model of Job Stress Using Thai Job Content Question-naire (Thai-JCQ) among Thai Immigrant Employees at the Cen-tral Region of Thailand PDF XML
Chonticha KAEWANUCHIT, Yothin SAWANGDEE Pages: 1020-1028
The Effect of Public Service Advertising on Cardiovascular Disease in Korea PDF XML
Juhyun JANG, Baeg Ju NA, Moo-Sik LEE, Soonryu SEO, Changhyun SUNG, Hyun Joo KIM, Jin Yong LEE Pages: 1029-1037
Prevalence of Thalassemia Trait & Iron Deficiency Anemia dur-ing Infancy in 2011-2013 in a Thalassemia Prevalent Region: North Cyprus PDF XML
A Simple and Fast Method Based on New Magnetic Ion Im-printed Polymer as a Highly Selective Sorbent for Preconcentra-tion and Determination of Cadmium in Environmental Samples PDF XML
Zahra PANJALI, Ali Akbar ASGHARINEZHAD, Homeira EBRAHIMZADEH, Niloofar JALILIAN, Rasoul YARAHMADI, Seyed Jamaleddin SHAHTAHERI Pages: 1044-1053
Collagen Extracted from Persian Gulf Squid Exhibits Anti-Cytotoxic Properties on Apple Pectic Treated Cells: Assessment in an In Vitro Bioassay Model PDF XML
Ladan DELPHI, Houri SEPEHRI, Elaheh MOTEVASELI, Mohammad Reza KHORRAMIZADEH Pages: 1054-1063
Mosquito Surveillance and the First Record of the Invasive Mos-quito Species Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse) (Diptera: Culicidae) in Southern Iran PDF XML
Sara DOOSTI, Mohammad Reza YAGHOOBI-ERSHADI, Francis SCHAFFNER, Seyed Hassan MOOSA-KAZEMI, Kamran AKBARZADEH, Mohammad Mehdi GOOYA, Hassan VATANDOOST, Mohammad Reza SHIRZADI, Ehsan MOSTAFAVI Pages: 1064-1073

Short Communication(s)

Investigating the Effectiveness of Programs on Health Financing Based on Audit Procedures PDF XML
Ionel BOSTAN Pages: 1074-1079

Case Report(s)

Dietary Habits Affect Quality of Life: Bowel Obstruction Caused by Phytobezoar PDF XML
Majid AKRAMI, Mohammad Reza SASANI Pages: 1080-1082

Letter to the Editor

Estimation of the Salivary Iron in Children with Dental Caries: A Pilot Study PDF XML
Brunah de Oliveira BUCHE, Bruno GUSSO, Fernanda Mara de Paiva BERTOLI, Juliana Feltrin de SOUZA, Ana Tereza Bittencourt GUIMARÃES, João Armando BRANCHER Pages: 1083-1084
Comparison of Body Composition of Trunk and Extremities of Affected Sides at Different Aerobic Exercise Intensities in Chron-ic Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Preliminary Report PDF XML
Tae-Young PARK, Yong-Jun CHA, Sung-Min SON Pages: 1085-1086
Mobile Health Application as a Modern Tool of Prevention and Health Education in Poland PDF XML
Urszula RELIGIONI, Dominik OLEJNICZAK, Joanna KAJAK Pages: 1087-1088
Inclusive Education and Mental Health Preservation for Students PDF XML
Jasmina RADOJLOVIĆ, Nela ĐONOVIĆ, Tatjana SIMOVIĆ Pages: 1089-1090
Physical Fitness of the Arms in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases PDF XML
Anna KOSTIUKOW, Elzbieta KALUGA, Piotr LESZCZYNSKI, Wlodzimierz SAMBORSKI, Elzbieta ROSTKOWSKA Pages: 1091-1092
TENT: A Rapid DNA Extraction Method of Staphylococcus aureus PDF XML
Sepideh HASSANZADEH, Mohammad Reza POURMAND, Davoud AFSHAR, Sanaz DEHBASHI, Rahil MASHHADI Pages: 1093-1095
Integration of Health Information Systems to Promote Health PDF XML
Leila SHAHMORADI, Mahdi HABIBI-KOOLAEE Pages: 1096-1097
Bayesian Statistical Methods and Their Valuable Applications in the Pharmaceutical Sciences PDF XML
Farzan MADADIZADEH, Mohammad EZATI ASAR, Mostafa HOSSEINI Pages: 1098-1099
Vitiligo Treatment in Ancient Iranian Medicine PDF XML
Mohammad POURMAND, Mohammad ASGHARZADEH, Jalil RASHEDI, Behroz MAHDAVI POOR Pages: 1100-1101
Extreme Religious Perceptions and Vitamin D PDF XML
Jalil RASHEDI, Behroz MAHDAVI POOR, Mohammad ASGHARZADEH Pages: 1102