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Iranian Journal of Public Health has been continuously published since 1971, as the only Journal in all health domains, with wide distribution (including WHO in Geneva and Cairo) in two languages (English and Persian). From 2001 issue, the Journal is published only in English language. During the last 45 years more than 2000 scientific research papers, results of health activities, surveys and services, have been published in this Journal. To meet the increasing demand of respected researchers, as of January 2012, the Journal is published monthly. I wish this will assist to promote the level of global knowledge. The main topics that the Journal would welcome are: Bioethics, Disaster and Health, Entomology, Epidemiology, Health and Environment, Health Economics, Health Services, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Mental Health, Microbiology, Nutrition and Food Safety, Occupational Health, Oral Health. We would be very delighted to receive your Original papers, Review Articles, Short communications, Case reports and Scientific Letters to the Editor on the above men­tioned research areas.



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Posted: 2016-12-05
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Vol 46, No 7 (2017): Published at 25 July 2017

Table of Contents

Review Article(s)

Dietary Patterns and Overweight/Obesity: A Review Article PDF XML
Min MU, Li-Fa XU, Dong HU,, Jing WU, Ming-Jie BAI Pages: 869-876
Diagnosis Protocol of Stomach Distemperament for Clinical Practice in Iranian Traditional Medicine: A Narrative Review PDF XML
Mahdi ALIZADEH, Ebrahim KHADEM, Jale ALIASL Pages: 877-881
Prevalence of the Skipping Breakfast among the Iranian Students: A Review Article PDF XML
Mahin GHAFARI, Amin DOOSTI-IRANI, Masoud AMIRI, Zahra CHERAGHI Pages: 882-889
The Existing Approaches to Sexuality Education Targeting Children: A Review Article PDF XML
Jila GANJI, Mohammad Hassan EMAMIAN, Raziyeh MAASOUMI, Afsanah KERAMAT, Effat MERGHATI KHOEI Pages: 890-898

Original Article(s)

The Patterns of Graded Psychological Nursing Care for Patients after Cardiothoracic Surgeries PDF XML
Hui SUN, Hongyu LIU, Jingbo LI, Xiaochun WANG Pages: 899-905
The Role of NT-proBNP in the Diagnosis of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients with Systemic PDF XML
Lucian MURESAN, Ana PETCU, Crina MURESAN, Mirela RINZIS, Gabriel GUSETU, Dana POP, Dumitru ZDRENGHEA, Simona REDNIC Pages: 906-916
Population-based Prostate Cancer Screening in Kazakhstan PDF XML
The Effect of Comprehensive Care on the Patients Received Mi-nimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy PDF XML
*Xue-Li WEI, Mei-Fang XUE, Zhao-Xia QIN, Xing-Yun BAI, Fang-Fang DONG, Jin-Jin ZHANG, Ning LV, Hui CHEN, Jia ZHANG Pages: 923-929
Barriers of Developing Medical Tourism in a Destination: A Case of South Korea PDF XML
Ladan ROKNI, Turgay AVCI, Sam Hun PARK Pages: 930-937
Essential Nutrition and Food Systems Components for School Curricula; Views from Experts in Iran PDF XML
Sanaz SADEGHOLVAD, Heather YEATMAN, Nasrin OMIDVAR, Anne-Maree PARRISH, Anthony WORSLEY Pages: 938-947
In Vitro Hb Production in Β-thalassemia Patients Is Not a Predictor of Clinical Responsiveness to Hydroxyurea PDF XML
Mohammad Reza MAHDAVI, Farzin POURFARZAD, Mehrnoush KOSARYAN, Mohammad Taghi AKBARI Pages: 948-956
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Distress and Associated Risk Factors among College Students Using GHQ-28 Questionnaire PDF XML
Jalal POOROLAJAL, Ali GHALEIHA, Nahid DARVISHI, Shahla DARYAEI, Soheila PANAHI Pages: 957-963
Pain in the Context of Family: A Study on Factors Contributing to Marital Satisfaction among Couples Suffering from Chronic Pain PDF XML
Fatemeh AKBARI, Mohsen DEHGHANI Pages: 964-972
Level and Factors Related to Unintended Pregnancy with a Brief Review of New Population Policies in Iran PDF XML
Khadijeh ASADI SARVESTANI, Aliyar AHMADI, Halimeh ENAYAT, Majid MOVAHED Pages: 973-981
Efficacy of Botox versus Placebo for Treatment of Patients with Major Depression PDF XML
Abbas ZAMANIAN, Atefeh GHANBARI JOLFAEI, Golnaz MEHRAN, Zahra AZIZIAN Pages: 982-984

Case Report(s)

Leech Therapy for Treating Priapism: Case Report PDF XML
Sayed Aladdin ASGARI, Sadeq ROSTAMI, Mojtaba TEIMOORI Pages: 985-988

Letter to the Editor

Effects of Workout and Meditation Phenomenon Program on Body Composition, Flexibility, and Blood Pressure Data Analysis PDF XML
Eun-Ju CHOI, Wi-Young SO, Taikyeong Ted. JEONG Pages: 989-991
Diet and Mental Health, What Should Be Done for Malaysian Adolescents PDF XML
Esra TAJIK, Maryam JAVADI, Marjan MOHAMMADZADEH Pages: 992-994
Consumption of Medicaments in the Slovak Republic PDF XML
Pavol BENO, Martin SAMOHYL Pages: 995-996
Understanding the Dynamics of Poliomyelitis Spread in Pakistan PDF XML
Atta Abbas NAQVI, Syed Baqir Shyum NAQVI, Nida YAZDANI, Rizwan AHMAD, Niyaz AHMAD, Fatima ZEHRA Pages: 997-998
Parents’ Dental Knowledge and Oral Hygiene Habits in Slovak Children PDF XML
Anna NADAZDYOVA, Dagmara SIROTNAKOVA, Martin SAMOHYL Pages: 999-1000
Increasing Rate of Mortality Due to HIV/AIDS in Iranian Chil-dren: An Alarm for Health Policymakers PDF XML
Salman KHAZAEI, Shahab REZAEIAN Pages: 1001-1002
V64M Mutation in Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Gene in Women Infertility PDF XML
Gholamreza NIAEI, Bita AMIR TAGHAVI, Amir NIAEI Pages: 1003-1004
Butterfly Patients in Iran Waiting to Specific Attention from Authorities PDF XML
Mohammad Mahdi PARVIZI, Nasrin SAKI, Zahra PARVIZI Pages: 1005-1006