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Iranian Journal of Public Health has been continuously published since 1971, as the only Journal in all health domains, with wide distribution (including WHO in Geneva and Cairo) in two languages (English and Persian). From 2001 issue, the Journal is published only in English language. During the last 45 years more than 2000 scientific research papers, results of health activities, surveys and services, have been published in this Journal. To meet the increasing demand of respected researchers, as of January 2012, the Journal is published monthly. I wish this will assist to promote the level of global knowledge. The main topics that the Journal would welcome are: Bioethics, Disaster and Health, Entomology, Epidemiology, Health and Environment, Health Economics, Health Services, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Mental Health, Microbiology, Nutrition and Food Safety, Occupational Health, Oral Health. We would be very delighted to receive your Original papers, Review Articles, Short communications, Case reports and Scientific Letters to the Editor on the above men­tioned research areas.



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Posted: 2016-12-05
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Vol 46, No 8 (2017): Published at 17 July 2017

Table of Contents

Review Article(s)

Relationship between Diet and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Review Article PDF XML
Parvin MIRMIRAN, Zeynab AMIRHAMIDI, Hanieh-Sadat EJTAHED, Zahra BAHADORAN, Fereidoun AZIZI Pages: 1007-1017

Original Article(s)

Effects of Hair Metals on Body Weight in Iranian Children Aged 20 to 36 Months PDF XML
Mohsen VIGEH, Kazuhito YOKOYAMA, Takehisa MATSUKAWA, Atsuko SHINOHARA, Mamak SHARIAT, Katsumi OHTANI Pages: 1018-1027
Health-related Quality of Life and Mental Health of Elderly by Occupational Status PDF XML
Yeunhee KWAK, Yoonjung KIM Pages: 1028-1037
Appropriate Body Mass Index and Waist-hip Ratio Cutoff Points for Overweight and Obesity in Adults of Northeast China PDF XML
Qiong YU, Bo PANG, Rui LIU, Wenwang RAO, Shangchao ZHANG, Yaqin YU Pages: 1038-1045
A Cross-sectional Assessment of Health-related Quality of Life among Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease PDF XML
Miguel Ángel GARCIA-GORDILLO, Daniel COLLADO-MATEO, Pedro Rufino OLIVARES, José Carmelo ADSUAR, Eugenio MERELLANO-NAVARRO Pages: 1046-1053
The Effectiveness of Electrical Acupuncture Stimulation in Reducing Levels of Self-reported Anxiety of Lung Cancer Patients during Palliative Care: A Pilot Study PDF XML
Yin-Qing HU, Yi-Fan WU, Li-Li HOU Pages: 1054-1061
Health Literacy among Visitors of District Polyclinics in Almaty, Kazakhstan PDF XML
Gaukhar KAYUPOVA, Botagoz TURDALIYEVA, Kazbek TULEBAYEV, Tuyen Van DUONG, Peter Wushou CHANG, Diana ZAGULOVA Pages: 1062-1070
Hepatic Proteins and Inflammatory Markers in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients PDF XML
Manel BEN-HADJ-MOHAMED, Souhir KHELIL, Mokhles BEN DBIBIS, Latifa KHLIFI, Hend CHAHED, Salima FERCHICHI, Elyes BOUAJINA, Abdelhédi MILED Pages: 1071-1078
Prognosis and Risk Factors Influencing Recurrence in Surgery-treated Patients with Primary Sacral Tumors PDF XML
Xiliang DANG, Liping LIAN, Dongsheng WU Pages: 1079-1085
Incidence of Medication Discrepancies and its Predicting Factors in Emergency Department PDF XML
The Increasing Trend in Global Ranking of Websites of Iranian Medical Universities during January 2012-2015 PDF XML
Nahid RAMEZAN GHORBANI, Yousef FAKOUR, Seyed Ali NOJOUMI Pages: 1095-1103
Evaluation of the Level of Zinc and Malondialdehyde in Basal Cell Carcinoma PDF XML
Ziba MAJIDI, Mahmoud DJALALI, Mohammad Hasan JAVANBAKHT, Mojtaba FATHI, Mahnaz ZAREI, Koorosh FOLADSAZ Pages: 1104-1109
Malignant Transformation in Leukoplakia and its Associated Factors in Southern Iran: A Hospital Based Experience PDF XML
Alireza BARFI QASRDASHTI, Mina Seied HABASHI, Peyman ARASTEH, Mahshid TORABI ARDAKANI, Zahra ABDOLI, Seyed Sajjad EGHBALI Pages: 1110-1117
Quantification of CDR1 Gene Expression in Fluconazole Resistant Candida Glabrata Strains Using Real-time PCR PDF XML
Shadi SHAHROKHI, Fatemeh NOORBAKHSH, Sassan REZAIE Pages: 1118-1122
Survival Rates among Co-infected Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Tuberculosis in Tehran, Iran PDF XML
Ghodratollah ROSHANAEI, Masoud SABOURI GHANNAD, Jalal POOROLAJAL, Minoo MOHRAZ, Leila MOLAEIPOOR Pages: 1123-1131
Seroprevalence of IgG Antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus by ELISA Method Using Recombinant Agb in Lores-tan Province, Western Iran PDF XML
Vahid FALLAH OMRANI, Soheila ROUHANI, Bahram KAZEMI, Seyyed Javad SEYYEDTABAEI, Farnaz KHEIRANDISH, Maysam REZAPOUR Pages: 1132-1138

Letter to the Editor

HBsAb and HBcAb Have No Significant Effect on the Progression of SLE and RA PDF XML
Fen WANG, Shujuan LV, Jingyu CAI, Xianglian ZHOU, Qicui ZHU, Jianhua XU Pages: 1139-1140
Representative Characteristics of the HIV/AIDS-infected Young Persons in Romania in Terms of Their Personal and Professional Values, Needs and Resources PDF XML
Felicia ANDRIONI, Ion PETRICĂ Pages: 1141-1142
Patients Satisfaction with Dental Care in the Slovak Republic: A Cross-sectional Questionnaire Study PDF XML
Martin SAMOHÝL, Anna NÁDAŽDYOVÁ, Katarína HIROŠOVÁ, Diana VONDROVÁ, Daniela KRAJČOVÁ, Jana JURKOVIČOVÁ Pages: 1143-1144
Childhood Cancer Patterns in Iran: Challenges and Future Directions PDF XML
Salman KHAZAEI, Somayeh KHAZAEI, Kamyar MANSORI, Erfan AYUBI Pages: 1145-1146
The Applications of Health Informatics in Medical Tourism Industry of Iran PDF XML
The Relationship between Homocysteine Levels and Spontaneous Abortion in Iranian Women with Migraine PDF XML
Lead Poisoning among Opium Users in Iran, a Possible New Emerging Epidemic in the Region PDF XML
Seyed Ramin RADFAR, Pardis NEMATOLLAHI, Ali FARHOUDIAN, Alireza NOROOZI Pages: 1152-1153
Suppression of Expression Levels of Constitutive Androstane Receptor by Moderate Exercise in BALB/c Nude Mice with Breast Cancer PDF XML
Bang-Sub LEE, Wi-Young SO, Wooyoung CHUNG, Eun-Ju CHOI Pages: 1154-1155