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Combined Evaluation of AFP, CA15-3, CA125, CA19-9, and CEA Tumor Markers in Patients with Hepatitis B and C


Background: This study aimed to determine the role of tumor markers AFP, CA15-3, CA125, CA19-9 and CEA in patients with hepatitis B and C.

Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was performed from Oct 2012 to Oct 2014. Serum samples of 129 patients with hepatitis B and C referred to Guilan Liver and Digestive Disease Research Center in Rasht, Iran were collected and checked for the existence of the listed tumor markers by ELISA.

Results: No increase in serum levels of tumor marker CA19-9, CEA and CA15-3 were seen in patients with hepatitis (P>0.05). In patients with hepatitis B, increase in CA125 were observed (P=0.03). In hepatitis C patients, there was an increase in AFP levels (P=0.03).

Conclusion: The levels of AFP and CA125 markers were high in hepatitis C and hepatitis B, respectively. However, the increased levels were not seen is malignancy. Due to the small sample size, further study is necessary to find the reasons of the increase.

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