Case Report

An Infertile Man with Complementary Isochromosome of 46, XY, I(5)(P10),I(5)(Q10): A Case Report


Chromosome aberration is associated with infertility and isochromosome is a rare chromosomal abnormality potentially associated with infertility or multiple miscarriages. Here we report a man of 29-yr-old diagnosed of infertility from China with rare isochromosome. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were obtained for chromosome G banding karyotyping. Hormones and other tests were performed. The semen analysis revealed Azoospermia. Complementary isochromosome of 46, XY, i(5)(p10),i(5)(q10) was identified. This is the first report of Complementary isochromosome of 46, XY, i(5)(p10),i(5)(q10).



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