Iran Diabetes Research Roadmap (IDRR) Study; Mental Health in Diabetic Patients in Iran: A Review Article

  • Mahboobeh VALA
  • Maryam PEIMANI
  • Mahnaz SANJARI
  • Seyed Masoud ARZAGHI
  • Bagher LARIJANI
Diabetes, Mental health, Research roadmap, Iran


Background: Diabetes has become a daunting health and medical challenge as well as a hefty economic burden for societies over the past decades. This study was designed to shed light on the overall trend of research across Iran regarding mental health status of diabetic patients.

Method: Search process of the present study is part of search strategy of Iran Diabetes Research Roadmap (IDRR) study. We performed a thorough search about Iran diabetes research output in national (Iranmedex, Magiran, and SID) and international (Pubmed, ISI and Scopus) databases up to 2015. After removing duplicates, 426documents were remained and categorized by subject category, methodology, WHO classification and NHMRC criteria.

Results: Most of obtained studies were concerned with quality of life, treatment, intervention, and behavioral disorders. Based on WHO categories, most studies revolved around epidemiology, causes and determinants of health-related outcomes. Methodological classification showed cross-sectional as the favored method of research. In the Australian classification system, most studies were clinical studies. The year 2010 and 2011 had the greatest spike during the study period.

Conclusion: Overall trend in publication rate of papers related to the mental health is relatively growing. However, the lack of priority setting is obvious and there is a pressing need for more in-depth evaluations, prioritization of study type and interventional studies based on the needs of patients suffering from diabetes.



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VALA M, NASLI-ESFAHANI E, PEIMANI M, SANJARI M, ARZAGHI SM, LARIJANI B. Iran Diabetes Research Roadmap (IDRR) Study; Mental Health in Diabetic Patients in Iran: A Review Article. Iran J Public Health. 46(Supple 1):47-52.
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