Case Report

Pachydermodactyly with Broder Hand Span and Long Fingers: A Case Report


Pachydermodactyly is a rare and benign disease that may be idiopathic, genetic, acquired as a response to repetitive trauma, or associated with several other acquired conditions often pushing the health caregiver to do a bunch of costly lab tests and diagnostic workups to rule out other entities. All health care givers must be aware about this disease for reassure the patients and cut unnecessary costs. Moreover, there seems to be an issue of association with certain occupations. A good example might be computer keyboards causing special damages to certain organs like eyes and musculoskeletal system. We have observed deleterious effects of excess work with computer keyboards on fingers in the form of Pachydermodactyly in our case. A 27-yr-old man presented with wider hand span and longer fingers to Dermatology Clinic of Rasoul-E-Akram Hospital in June 2015, especially the ring finger in our case, considered a big symptom who depressed due to their fingers appearance as a rare disease. We gave him an emollient to make his hand smoother. The patient improved both clinically and psychologically on a simple emollient. This disease with its deleterious psychological effects and a simple way of management should be appreciated more by the health care system.



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