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Work Task and Job Satisfaction Predicting Low Back Pain among Secondary School Teachers in Putrajaya


Background: : This study aimed to quantify the prevalence of low back pain (LBP), analyze its associated risk factors and explore on how LBP affects job satisfaction among 120 school teachers in Malaysia.

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted among randomly selected teachers from four secondary schools in Putrajaya from February to March 2015. The level of LBP was assessed using a standardized Nordic Questionnaire, while Teachers’ Satisfaction Scale was used to determine teacher satisfaction level. The response rate for this study was 100% (120/120).

Results: The prevalence of LBP among respondents was 72.9%. Gender (P=0.016), prolonged sitting (0.015), walking up and down stairs (0.012), and lifting loads with hands (0.030) were significantly associated with LBP among respondents after controlling for other factors including age, marital status and other work tasks. The strongest predictor of LBP among teachers was walking up and down stairs (OR = 9.45) indicating that respondents who reported having to walk up and down stairs frequently were 9 times more likely to have low back pain compared to those who did not.

Conclusion: Prioritization of prevention and control measures should focus more on promoting healthier ergonomic movement among teachers rather than providing knowledge and awareness on low back pain and job satisfaction level among teachers.


Keywords: Low back pain, Secondary school teachers, Putrajaya, Occupational health

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