Key Aspects of Providing Healthcare Services in Disaster Response Stage


Background: Health care management in disasters is one of the main parts of disaster management. Health in disasters is affected by performance of various sectors, and has an interactive impact on various aspects of disaster management. The aim of this study was to identify the most important themes affecting the healthcare management in disaster.

: In this qualitative study with a content analysis approach, in-depth interviews in two steps with 30 disaster  experts and managers were conducted to collect the data.

: Eleven themes affecting healthcare management in disasters were identified. These themes were related to human resources management, resources management, victims' management transfer, environmental hygiene monitoring, nutrition management, mental health control, inter-agency coordination, training, technology management, information and communication management, and budget management.

: Providing effective health care service in disasters requires a comprehensive look at the various aspects of disaster management. Effective factors on the success of healthcare in disaster are not limited to the scope of  healthcare. There should be a close relationship and interaction between different sectors of disaster management.

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Healthcare Natural disaster Response

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