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The Economic Burden of Breast Cancer in Iran


Background: Although breast cancer imposes a considerable economic burden on high-income countries, there is limited knowledge about its economic burden in low- and middle-income countries (LMCs), including Iran. In this study, we estimated the economic burden of breast cancer in Iran in 2010.

Methods: We used the prevalence-based approach and estimated the direct and indirect costs of all breast cancer cases in 2010. We used several data sources, including national cancer registry reports, hospital records, occupational data, and interviews with experts.

Result: The economic burden of breast cancer was US$947,374,468. Most of the cost (77%) pertained to the productivity lost due to breast cancer deaths and the direct medical cost accounted for 18.56% of the estimated total cost. Out of the US$175,860,607 as the direct medical cost, the chemotherapy cost constituted the main part ($76,755,740), of which prescriptions of trastuzumab accounted for 41% ($31,529,280).

Conclusion: The economic burden of breast cancer in Iran is substantial and is expected to increase significantly due to the increasing incidence rate. Strategies for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer should be prioritized in the national cancer control program.



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