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The Effect of Iran Health Transformation Plan on Equity in Health Financing: A Systematic Review


Background: Achieving financial goals is one of the health systems goals, especially for those in low- and middle-income countries. Since financing equity, is an objective of Health Transformation Plan (HTP) implementation in Iran, this study examined this plan toward improving equity in healthcare Financing, using four payment indices: Out-of-Pocket Payment (OOP), Catastrophic Health Expenditure (CHE), Fair financial Contribution Index (FFCI) and Impoverishing Health Expenditure (IHE).

Methods: Articles published in English on equity in financing related to HTP were searched and retrieved in the Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, and Embase databases between Jan 2014 and Dec 2020, following PRISMA guidelines. Overall, 1319 papers were retrieved initially, and 31 were selected for analysis.

Results: After implementation of HTP, OOP index has decreased between patients and households. No consistent trend was evident for CHE. HTP reforms have a limited effect on the FFCI. The one study on IHE has shown an upward trend for this index. In general, in the early years of HTP, there was a higher downward trend in equity in financing indicators than in subsequent years.

Conclusion: HTP has made significant accomplishments in equity, such as the financial protection of patients in healthcare centers, but fail to achieve this plan goals, significantly reduced its value. Therefore, it is necessary for managers and health policy makers around the world, with scientific and principled solutions, to prevent loss of their reform plans positive achievements.


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