The National Ethical Guideline of Transplantation Research in Iran


Recent advances in organ transplantation have promised certain benefits to humankind. Consequently, it is neces¬sary to take into consideration all aspects of these new approaches and provide specific ethical guidelines for re¬search in this field. Con¬sidering the ever-increasing advancements of transplantation in Iran and noting the necessity of scientific researches in this field, and to observe ethical principles in such researches, compilation of the "Na¬tional Ethical Guidelines for Transplanta¬tion Researches", as one topic of the "Specific National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research" were considered in our coun¬try. We stated some points of this guideline in this article.
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F Zahedi, B Larijani, A Parsapoor, M Mohaghegh-Dolatabadi, A Jafarian, SM Kazemeini. The National Ethical Guideline of Transplantation Research in Iran. Iran J Public Health. 1;37(Supple 1):18-21.