Research Activities at the Research Centre for Science and Technology in Medicine


Research Center for Science and Technology in Medicine (RCSTIM), affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS), was established in Imam Khomeini Hospital, the largest hospital complex of this kind in Iran in 1994. A major strategy of RCSTIM has been providing a common research environment for close cooperation between specialists involved in science, medicine, engineering and industry. This collaboration in one hand highlights RCSTIM research policy direction and on the other hand assure high quality standards required for design and development of novel medical devices. Since 1998, in line with the Third Development Plan of I.R. of Iran, the work has been focused on applied research activities to promote technical knowledge of the medical device industry, advance the health technology and establish joint research programs between universities and industry. There are seven research groups within RCSTIM conducting advanced reĀ­searches in their specialties. In these many advanced research have been performed leading to design of hi-tech devices and systems. Some of case reports of these technologies are being presented in this paper.

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