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The Relationship between Dietary Patterns and Bone Mineral Density of 476 Middle-Aged and Aged People


Background: To investigate the relationship between different dietary patterns and the levels of bone mineral density (BMD) in middle-aged and aged people, and to provide references for the nutritional prevention of osteoporosis.

Methods: A total of 476 residents aged 45 yr or more in Qiqihar City were enrolled from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019. They took a Food Frequency Questionnaire for dietary survey. Their dietary patterns were analyzed using the factor analysis method, and BMD were detected using ultrasound bone densitometer, to explore the relationship between different dietary patterns and BMD levels.

Results: Four dietary patterns were obtained in the survey: relatively balanced, oil-salt, milk-tuber, and aquatic. Among them, the prevalence of osteoporosis reached 21.8%. High-level relatively balanced dietary pattern (OR=0.588, 95%CI= 0.363-0.951) and high-level dairy-potato food dietary pattern (OR=0.668, 95%CI= 0.370-0.983) were associated with lower risk of osteoporosis.

Conclusion: A balanced diet and a high intake of dairy-potato food dietary pattern were associated with a lower prevalence of osteoporosis. It is recommended that middle-aged and aged people should have a balanced diet with more dairy products and potatoes to protect bone health.

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