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COVID-19 Infection and Mortality Rates within Medical Specialists and General Practitioners and Its Comparison with the General Population: A Longitudinal Nationwide Study


Background: We aimed to provide data regarding COVID-19 infection and mortality rates within different specialties of physicians and general medical practitioners in a longitudinal nationwide study and to compare the results with general population.

Methods: Data on COVID-19 infection and mortality of medical physicians in Iran was actively gathered through the Iranian Medical Council (IRIMC). Population COVID-19 cumulative incidence and mortality data were extracted from WHO situation analysis reports and data on Iranian population were obtained from the Statistical Center of Iran.

Results: As of Jul 27th 2020, COVID-19 infection and mortality rates were 0.680% and 0.0396% among 131223 physicians. The highest cumulative infection rates as of 27th July 2020, were observed in specialists of infectious diseases (3.14%) followed by neurology (2.18%), and internal medicine (2.13%). The highest cumulative mortality rates as of Nov 3rd 2020 were observed in specialties of forensic medicine (0.314%), anesthesiology (0.277%), urology (0.237%), and infectious diseases (0.20%). Male physicians comprised 95% of cumulative mortality as of Nov 3rd. The physicians’ COVID-19 mortality in July and November were 49% and 23% higher than the general population respectively.

Conclusion: Infection and mortality rates in Iranian physicians were higher than the general population, however the magnitude of difference was narrowing in longitudinal investigation. Provision of personnel protective equipment should be prioritized to specialists of infectious diseases, forensic medicine, anesthesiology, internal and emergency medicine, and urology.

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COVID-19 Specialty Medical personnel Mortality Incidence

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