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Discussion on the Management Method of COVID-19 Infection Prevention in Medical Residents


Background: To explore the homogenized management method of infection prevention and control in medical resident under COVID-19 epidemic situation.

Methods: Overall, 268 members in Ningbo Medical Group which was participating in the management of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, China were managed homogeneously in terms of personal cleaning and disinfection of articles, prevention and control of infection in life, training and assessment of relevant infection knowledge in hospitals.

Results: In the epidemic situation, the homogenization management of infection prevention and control in the resident of medical team is an important measure to block the transmission link.

Conclusion: 1. Conduct homogenization management on the training of hospital infection knowledge for medical staff. 2. Conduct homogeneous management of effective assessment of training knowledge. 3. Conduct homogenization management from personal cleaning and disinfection, as well as infection prevention and control in daily life.


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Medical resident; Homogenization management; COVID-19 China

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