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The Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Ahvaz, Southwest of Iran, during 2007-2017


Background: Intestinal parasitic infections (IPIs) are frequently considered one of the public health problems worldwide. Therefore, we aimed to evaluate the prevalence of IPIs among patients.

Methods: In this Retrospective cross-sectional study, 50000 stool samples (24551 males) were collected among males and females referred to Naft Hospital of Ahvaz, southern Iran during 2007-2017. At first, the collected specimens were macroscopically observed for the presence of trophozoites, eggs, cysts using the procedure of direct as well as the method of formalin-ether concentration.

Results: Of 50000 samples, 2878 (5.75%) cases were positive for IPIs that 1426 and 1452 cases were observed in the males and females, respectively. Giardia lamblia with 887 (1.774%) cases, Blastocystis hominis with 784 (1.568%) cases, Entamoeba histolytica/dispar with 685 (1.37%) cases, E. coli with 357 (0.714%) cases, Trichomonas hominis with 43 (0.086%) cases, Chilomastix mesnili with 40 (0.08%) cases, Hymenolepis nana with 38 (0.076%) cases, Lodamoeba butschlii with 25 (0.05%) cases, Endolimax nana with 18 (0.036%) cases, Taenia saginata proglottid with one (0.002%) case were found.

Conclusion: Our finding showed a relatively high prevalence of IPIs among people referred to Naft Hospital of Ahvaz, southern Iran during 2007-2017.

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