Study on Human Taeniasis by Administring Anti-Taenia Drug


Mazandaran province, northern Iran, has been an area with highest prevalence of infectivity with human taeniasis during past decades. In order to assess current situation of taeniasis in the province by a method which can yield a correct estimation of infection rate, this study was performed by administrating anti-Taenia drug, during 2003-2004. A total of 417 people were randomly selected from rural areas of Mazandaran province. All of them were at first given a dose of niclosamide (2-4 500 mg tablets) and bisacodile (1-3 5 mg tablets); then their 36 h stool passage was collected and examined macroscopically and microscopically. The results revealed that 2 individuals (0.5%) were infected with Taenia saginata. Compared with previous decades, there is a sharp drop on human taeniasis in the study area. Infected peoples were followed up till complete treatment.
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Taenia saginata Niclosamide Bisacodile

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