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Association of IL-1B+3954 and IL-1RN Polymorphisms in Chronic Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer


Background: Helicobacter pylori are the main cause of chronic inflammation and peptic ulcer. We aimed to determine if IL-1B+3954 and IL-1RN polymorphisms are associated with the risk of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer in Iranian population.

Methods: In this case-control study, from 198 individuals enrolled by Mohammadi Hospital, Bandar Abbas, southern Iran from 2012 to 2014 and who showed the symptoms of chronic gastritis and 84 with peptic ulcer participated in the case group, two biopsies were taken from the body, antrum, or ulcer edge of each patient. Individuals without chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer were selected as the control group and we also confirmed the presence of anti-H. pylori serum IgG in 321 control subjects. IL-1B+3954C/T polymorphism was analyzed through PCR-RFLP, while the IL-1RN polymorphism was analyzed via PCR-based VNTR.

Results: IL-1B+3954 TT was associated with a high risk of gastritis and peptic ulcer [Odds Ratio (OR)]=2.63, 95% Confidence Interval (CI)= (1.47-4.70) (OR=3.40, CI=1.72-6.71) respectively and the IL-1B+3954 T allele was associated with chronic gastritis (OR=1.64, 95% CI=1.13-2.36). Moreover, patient carrying IL-1RN L/2 and allele 2 showed an increased risk of peptic ulcer (OR=2.97, CI=1.72-5.11, OR=1.64, CI=1.13-2.36), respectively.

Conclusion: IL-1B and IL-1RNare associated with an increased risk for chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.


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