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Demographic and Economic Correlates of Mortality Due to Traffic Accidents among Children Aged 1–14 Years in European Countries


Background: To evaluate the changes of mortality among children aged 1–14 yr due to road traffic injury and related demographic and economic factors in an ecological study undertaken in 33 European countries.

Methods: Information about mortality due to road traffic injury among children aged 1–14 yr in European countries was obtained from the WHO database. Changes in the mortality for the years 2000–2009 were estimated as linear regression. These deaths were correlated with demographic and economic factors.

Results: The greatest burden of child mortality due to road traffic accidents was observed in Baltic States, three times lower mortality levels than that in Northern States. Between 2000 and 2009, there was a significant reduction (P<0.05) in mortality among children aged 1–14 yr in Southern-West countries and Western countries, 1–4 yr in Central and Eastern countries, and 5–14 yr in Northern countries. Mortality due to road traffic injury among boys was strongly associated with the level of urbanization. Both sexes showed strong negative correlations with the economic level and strong positive correlations with income inequality.

Conclusion: Although in European countries the mortality of children due to traffic injury was considerably reduced, efforts should be made to educate and design a safe environment.

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