Vol 46, No 9 (2017)

Published at 3 Sep 2017

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Status of Iran’s Primary Health Care System in Terms of Health Systems Control Knobs: A Review Article PDF XML
Jafar Sadegh TABRIZI, Faramarz POURASGHAR, Raana GHOLAMZADEH NIKJOO Pages: 1156-1166
Bulge Region as a Putative Hair Follicle Stem Cells Niche: A Brief Review PDF XML
Sanaz JOULAI VEIJOUYE, Abazar YARI, Fatemeh HEIDARI, Nayereh SAJEDI, Fatemeh GHOROGHI MOGHANI, Maliheh NOBAKHT Pages: 1167-1175
Bentonite Clay as a Natural Remedy: A Brief Review PDF XML
Maryam MOOSAVI Pages: 1176-1183

Original Article(s)

Knowledge and Practice on Malaria among Korean Soldiers in Nearby Demilitarized Zone in South Korea PDF XML
Yeong Seon HONG, Dong-Kyu LEE, Jin-Han YOON, Aeree SOHN Pages: 1184-1192
Effects of the CrossFit Exercise Data Analysis on Body Composition and Blood Profiles PDF XML
Eun-Ju CHOI, Wi-Young SO, Taikyeong Ted JEONG Pages: 1193-1203
Evaluation of p16INK4α Hypermethylation from Liquid-based Pap Test Samples in Vietnamese Population PDF XML
Phuong Kim TRUONG, Thuan Duc LAO, Thuy Ai Huyen LE Pages: 1204-1210
The Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes and Platelet Indicators PDF XML
Xiangyu CHEN, Le FANG, Hongbo LIN, Peng SHEN, Tao ZHANG, Hui LI, Xiaoyong LI, Min YU, Chunxiao XU, Jie ZHANG, Feng LU, Xiaofu DU, Ruying HU, Jieming ZHONG Pages: 1211-1216
Factors Determining Effective Orthokeratology Treatment for Controlling Juvenile Myopia Progression PDF XML
Qinghui KONG, Jiang GUO, Jing ZHOU, Yanling ZHANG, Xiaoyan DOU Pages: 1217-1222
Trends in Antimicrobial Prescription for Inpatients in Changsha, China, 2003 to 2014 PDF XML
Yinhua ZHANG, Qun YUAN, Xia YI, Honghua LIU, Xiaoyan PAN, Jingwei LIU, Yi XU, Yang CHEN, Guoping HE Pages: 1223-1230
The Impact of the Predictive Nursing Education Process on Degree of Comfort and Quality of Life for Patients in the Oncology Department PDF XML
Yan YU, Lijuan HU, Xingu CHEN, Mei GE, Huijuan ZHU, Yusheng YAN Pages: 1231-1236
The Prevalence of Hearing Impairment by Age and Gender in a Population-based Study PDF XML
Alimohamad ASGHARI, Mohammad FARHADI, Ahmad DANESHI, Mehdi KHABAZKHOOB, Saman MOHAZZAB-TORABI, Maryam JALESSI, Hesamedin EMAMJOMEH Pages: 1237-1246
Willingness to Pay for Complementary Health Care Insurance in Iran PDF XML
Shirin NOSRATNEJAD, Arash RASHIDIAN, Ali AKBARI SARI, Najme MORADI Pages: 1247-1255
Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Mutations among HIV Treatment Failure Patients in Tehran, Iran PDF XML
Sexual Function, Mental Well-being and Quality of Life among Kurdish Circumcised Women in Iran PDF XML
Farzaneh DANESHKHAH, Hamid ALLAHVERDIPOUR, Leila JAHANGIRI, Tatiana ANDREEVA Pages: 1265-1274
Nitrite and Nitrate Concentrations in the Drinking Groundwater of Shiraz City, South-central Iran by Statistical Models PDF XML
Ahmad BADEE NEZHAD, Mohammad Mahdi EMAMJOMEH, Mahdi FARZADKIA, Ahmad JONIDI JAFARI, Mehrab SAYADI, Amir Hossein DAVOUDIAN TALAB Pages: 1275-1284
The Prevalence of Plasmid-mediated Quinolone Resistance Genes in Escherichia coli Isolated from Hospital Wastewater Sources in Tehran, Iran PDF XML
Reza RANJBAR, Omid FARAHANI Pages: 1285-1291

Letter to the Editor

Effects of the CrossFit Exercise Data Analysis on Body Composition and Blood Profiles PDF XML
Eun-Ju CHOI, Wi-Young SO, Taikyeong Ted. JEONG Pages: 1292-1294
The Treated Drug Users in the Slovak Republic PDF XML
Pavol BENO, Martin SAMOHYL Pages: 1295-1296
Influence of Youth Baseball Players’ Pitches on Range of Motion and Ball Speed PDF XML
Seung-Won YANG, Se-Jeong KWON, Joon-Sung PARK, Tae-Young KIM, Nam-Il AN, Young-Sub LEE Pages: 1297-1298
Perceived Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes with Silicosis Patients PDF XML
Salah ABERKANE Pages: 1299-1300
Pediculosis in School Sitting: What Is the Role of School Nurses? PDF XML
Mohammed ALBASHTAWY Pages: 1301-1302
Suicide: An Un-resolved and Under-recognized Health Problem among People of Ilam Province (The Most Popular Suicide Spot in Iran) PDF XML
Aziz KASSANI, Abdolvahab BAGHBANIAN, Walieh MENATI Pages: 1303-1304
Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus: An Assessment of the Evidence PDF XML
Mohammad ZAMANI, Vahid ZAMANI Pages: 1305-1306
Primary Health Care: An Important Approach for Health Sector, Missed in Iran’s Health System Evolution Plan PDF XML