Vol 46, No 7 (2017)

Published at 25 July 2017

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Dietary Patterns and Overweight/Obesity: A Review Article PDF XML
Min MU, Li-Fa XU, Dong HU,, Jing WU, Ming-Jie BAI Pages: 869-876
Diagnosis Protocol of Stomach Distemperament for Clinical Practice in Iranian Traditional Medicine: A Narrative Review PDF XML
Mahdi ALIZADEH, Ebrahim KHADEM, Jale ALIASL Pages: 877-881
Prevalence of the Skipping Breakfast among the Iranian Students: A Review Article PDF XML
Mahin GHAFARI, Amin DOOSTI-IRANI, Masoud AMIRI, Zahra CHERAGHI Pages: 882-889
The Existing Approaches to Sexuality Education Targeting Children: A Review Article PDF XML
Jila GANJI, Mohammad Hassan EMAMIAN, Raziyeh MAASOUMI, Afsanah KERAMAT, Effat MERGHATI KHOEI Pages: 890-898

Original Article(s)

The Patterns of Graded Psychological Nursing Care for Patients after Cardiothoracic Surgeries PDF XML
Hui SUN, Hongyu LIU, Jingbo LI, Xiaochun WANG Pages: 899-905
The Role of NT-proBNP in the Diagnosis of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients with Systemic PDF XML
Lucian MURESAN, Ana PETCU, Crina MURESAN, Mirela RINZIS, Gabriel GUSETU, Dana POP, Dumitru ZDRENGHEA, Simona REDNIC Pages: 906-916
Population-based Prostate Cancer Screening in Kazakhstan PDF XML
The Effect of Comprehensive Care on the Patients Received Mi-nimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy PDF XML
Xue-Li WEI, Mei-Fang XUE, Zhao-Xia QIN, Xing-Yun BAI, Fang-Fang DONG, Jin-Jin ZHANG, Ning LV, Hui CHEN, Jia ZHANG Pages: 923-929
Barriers of Developing Medical Tourism in a Destination: A Case of South Korea PDF XML
Ladan ROKNI, Turgay AVCI, Sam Hun PARK Pages: 930-937
Essential Nutrition and Food Systems Components for School Curricula; Views from Experts in Iran PDF XML
Sanaz SADEGHOLVAD, Heather YEATMAN, Nasrin OMIDVAR, Anne-Maree PARRISH, Anthony WORSLEY Pages: 938-947
In Vitro Hb Production in Β-thalassemia Patients Is Not a Predictor of Clinical Responsiveness to Hydroxyurea PDF XML
Mohammad Reza MAHDAVI, Farzin POURFARZAD, Mehrnoush KOSARYAN, Mohammad Taghi AKBARI Pages: 948-956
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Distress and Associated Risk Factors among College Students Using GHQ-28 Questionnaire PDF XML
Jalal POOROLAJAL, Ali GHALEIHA, Nahid DARVISHI, Shahla DARYAEI, Soheila PANAHI Pages: 957-963
Pain in the Context of Family: A Study on Factors Contributing to Marital Satisfaction among Couples Suffering from Chronic Pain PDF XML
Fatemeh AKBARI, Mohsen DEHGHANI Pages: 964-972
Level and Factors Related to Unintended Pregnancy with a Brief Review of New Population Policies in Iran PDF XML
Khadijeh ASADI SARVESTANI, Aliyar AHMADI, Halimeh ENAYAT, Majid MOVAHED Pages: 973-981
Efficacy of Botox versus Placebo for Treatment of Patients with Major Depression PDF XML
Abbas ZAMANIAN, Atefeh GHANBARI JOLFAEI, Golnaz MEHRAN, Zahra AZIZIAN Pages: 982-984

Case Report(s)

Leech Therapy for Treating Priapism: Case Report PDF XML
Sayed Aladdin ASGARI, Sadeq ROSTAMI, Mojtaba TEIMOORI Pages: 985-988

Letter to the Editor

Effects of Workout and Meditation Phenomenon Program on Body Composition, Flexibility, and Blood Pressure Data Analysis PDF XML
Eun-Ju CHOI, Wi-Young SO, Taikyeong Ted. JEONG Pages: 989-991
Diet and Mental Health, What Should Be Done for Malaysian Adolescents PDF XML
Esra TAJIK, Maryam JAVADI, Marjan MOHAMMADZADEH Pages: 992-994
Consumption of Medicaments in the Slovak Republic PDF XML
Pavol BENO, Martin SAMOHYL Pages: 995-996
Understanding the Dynamics of Poliomyelitis Spread in Pakistan PDF XML
Atta Abbas NAQVI, Syed Baqir Shyum NAQVI, Nida YAZDANI, Rizwan AHMAD, Niyaz AHMAD, Fatima ZEHRA Pages: 997-998
Parents’ Dental Knowledge and Oral Hygiene Habits in Slovak Children PDF XML
Anna NADAZDYOVA, Dagmara SIROTNAKOVA, Martin SAMOHYL Pages: 999-1000
Increasing Rate of Mortality Due to HIV/AIDS in Iranian Chil-dren: An Alarm for Health Policymakers PDF XML
Salman KHAZAEI, Shahab REZAEIAN Pages: 1001-1002
V64M Mutation in Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Gene in Women Infertility PDF XML
Gholamreza NIAEI, Bita AMIR TAGHAVI, Amir NIAEI Pages: 1003-1004
Butterfly Patients in Iran Waiting to Specific Attention from Authorities PDF XML
Mohammad Mahdi PARVIZI, Nasrin SAKI, Zahra PARVIZI Pages: 1005-1006