Vol 46, No 6 (2017)

Published at 28 May 2017

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

A Comprehensive Meta-analysis on Intra Ocular Pressure and Central Corneal Thickness in Healthy Children PDF XML
Prevalence of Congenital Anomalies in Iran: A Review Article PDF XML
Soudabeh VATANKHAH, Mina JALILVAND, Samaneh SARKHOSH, Mina AZARMI, Mohammad MOHSENI Pages: 733-743

Original Article(s)

The Application of Collaborative Business Intelligence Technology in the Hospital SPD Logistics Management Model PDF XML
Tongzhu LIU, Aizong SHEN, Xiaojian HU, Guixian TONG, Wei GU Pages: 744-754
Effect of Caffeine on the Repeated Modified Agility Test from some Cardiovascular Factors, Blood Glucose and Rating of Perceived Exertion in Young People PDF XML
Nidhal JEBABLI, Nejmeddine OUERGHI, Jihen BOUABID, Ramzi BETTAIB Pages: 755-761
The Relationship between RUNX3 Expression, Nursing Strate-gies and Nutritional Status in Elderly Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer PDF XML
Wen SONG, Wenhui TENG, Xinyan SHI, Xiaozhen LIU, Zheng CUI, Zibin TIAN Pages: 762-770
Psychosocial Correlates of Diabetes Self-management Practices PDF XML
Muhammad W. DARAWAD, Sawsan HAMMAD, Sultan MOSLEH, Osama A. SAMARKANDI, Ayman HAMDAN-MANSOUR, Amani A. KHALIL, Diana ARABIAT Pages: 771-781
Influence of the Exercise-psychology Adjustment Mode on the Mental Health of Medical Workers PDF XML
Wenxin XU, Mengjuan CENG, Jiwei YAO, Longfei CHEN Pages: 782-791
Dicrocoelium Egg Identified in an Ancient Cemetery in Kiasar Archeological Site, Northern Iran, Dated Back 247 BC–224 AD PDF XML
Negar BIZHANI, Abdol Motalleb SHARIFI, Mohmmad Bagher ROKNI, Jean DUPOUY CAMET, Mostafa REZAEIAN, Mohammad FALLAH KIAPI, Niloofar PAKNEZHAD, Faezeh NAJAFI, Gholamreza MOWLAVI Pages: 792-795
Inequality in Addiction and Mental Disorders in 6818 Suicide Attempts: Determine of Positive Contribution of Determinants by Decomposition Method PDF XML
Yousef VEISANI, Ali DELPISHEH, Ghobad MORADI, Jafar HASSANZADEH, Kourosh SAYEHMIRI Pages: 796-803
Survey of False-positive Reactivity of Latex Agglutination Test for Kala-azar (Katex) without Urine Sample Boiling Process in Autoimmune Patients PDF XML
Mohammad Amin GHATEE, Zahra KANANNEJAD, Iraj SHARIFI, Asma ASKARI, Mehdi BAMOROVAT Pages: 804-810
Simultaneous Genotyping of the Rs4762 and Rs699 Polymor-phisms in Angiotensinogen Gene and Correlation with Iranian CAD Patients with Novel Hexa-primer ARMS-PCR PDF XML
Mehri KHATAMI, Mohammad Mehdi HEIDARI, Mehdi HADADZADEH, Barbara SCHEIBER-MOJDEHKAR, Morteza BITARAF SANI, Massoud HOUSHMAND Pages: 811-819
Evaluation of Death among the Patients Undergoing Permanent Pacemaker Implantation: A Competing Risks Analysis PDF XML
Haleh GHAEM, Mohammad GHORBANI, Samira ZARE DORNIANI Pages: 820-826
Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in the Middle-age Popula-tion: A Priority for the Health System PDF XML
Mehdi KHABAZKHOOB, Mohammad Hassan EMAMIAN, Hassan HASHEMI, Mohammad SHARIATI, Akbar FOTOUHI Pages: 827-834
Control of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Using Deltamethrin Treated Nets in Comparison to Indoors Residual Spraying in a Rural Area of Iran PDF XML
Mohammad Hassan KAYEDI, Yavar RASSI, Ali CHEGENI-SHARAFI, Reza ROSTAMI, Sayena RAFIZADEH, Nargess ABDALI Pages: 835-842
The Beneficial Evaluation of the Healthy City Construction in China PDF XML
Yuming WANG, Xinxin WANG, Fangxia GUAN Pages: 843-847

Case Report(s)

Next-generation Sequencing and Karyotype Analysis for the Diagnosis of Robertsonian Translocation Type Trisomy 13: A Case Report PDF XML
Jing SHA, Fumin LIU, Bei ZHANG, Yang HUANG, Qinglin ZHANG, Gao JUAN, Jingfang ZHAI Pages: 848-851

Letter to the Editor

Tuberculosis as Public Health Problem in the Slovak Republic PDF XML
Martin SAMOHYL, Ivan SOLOVIC, Jana SVECOVA, Roman RAMS, Katarina HIROSOVA, Jana JURKOVICOVA Pages: 852-853
Effects of a Complex Intervention Exercise Program on Lumbar Extension Strength and Stability in Female Patients with Lower Back Pain PDF XML
Soonyoung KIM, Kyoungkyu JEON Pages: 854-855
Obesity and Overweight Risk Factors in Sudden Death Due to Cardiovascular Causes: A Case Series PDF XML
Dan PERJU-DUMBRAVA, Ovidiu CHIROBAN, Carmen Corina RADU Pages: 856-857
Noise-related Hearing Loss in Workers of a Thermal Reactor PDF XML
F Ceyda AKINOCAL, Ramazan OCAL, Gulsun ADSIZ, Erol BELGIN Pages: 858-859
The Effects of a Psychomotor Training Program on Physical Coordination in Children with Development Delay PDF XML
Do-Jin KIM, Jong-Hyuck KIM, Wi-Young SO, Eun-Ju CHOI Pages: 860-862
Health Care Services Utilization in Iran PDF XML
Mehdi HAGHI, Ghasem RAJABI Pages: 863-864
A Novel Technique for Rapid-accurate 2D Hand Anthropometry PDF XML
Fereshteh AKBARNEJAD, Reza OSQUEIZADEH, Hamid Reza MOKHTARINIA, Amir Salar JAFARPISHEH Pages: 865-866
Evaluating Cervicovaginal Infections and Cervical Cancer in Women with Low Socioeconomic Levels PDF XML
Soheila MORADI, Mehdi TADRIS HASANI, Leili DARVISH, Nasibeh ROOZBEH Pages: 867-868