Vol 46, No 5 (2017)

Published at 15 May 2017

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Which Health Cares Are Related to the Family Physician? A Crit-ical Interpretive Synthesis of Literature PDF XML
Shahram YAZDANI, Maryam AKBARILAKEH Pages: 585-590

Original Article(s)

Life-course and Cohort Trajectories of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases Risk Factors in China PDF XML
Fan YANG, D QIAN, Dan HU Pages: 591-601
Systematic AnRajasekhar Babu MURAKONDAalysis of Palatal Rugae Pattern for Use in Human Identification between Two Different Populations PDF XML
Radhika Kalyani KOMMALAPATI, Deepthi KATURI, Kiran Kumar KATTAPPAGARI, Lalith Prakash Chandra KANTHETI, Rajasekhar Babu MURAKONDA, Chandra Sekhar POOSARLA, Ravi Teja CHITTURI, Sridhar Reddy GONTU, Venkata Ramana Reddy BADDAM Pages: 602-607
Botulinum as a Toxin for Treating Post-herpetic Neuralgia PDF XML
Xu-Dong DING, Jing ZHONG, Yan-Ping LIU, Hua-Xian CHEN Pages: 608-611
Application of Fuzzy Logic in Oral Cancer Risk Assessment PDF XML
Ioana SCROBOTĂ, Grigore BĂCIUȚ, Adriana Gabriela FILIP, Bianca TODOR, Florin BLAGA, Mihaela Felicia BĂCIUȚ Pages: 612-619
Mutational Analysis of Mitochondrial tRNA Genes in Patients with Asthma PDF XML
Chun Mei WANG, Xiao Jing ZHANG, Ying Jun MA, Xia LI Pages: 620-625
Comparative Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Healthy Control in Pakistani Population PDF XML
Shazia IRFAN, Asima RANI, Naila RIAZ, Muhammad ARSHAD, Syed KASHIF NAWAZ Pages: 626-633
Short-term Effects of Catheter Pressure and Time Control in Va-cuum Aspiration Abortion for Early High-risk Pregnancies PDF XML
Lingna SUN, Yan Yu, Xiaoxia QI Pages: 634-639
Development and Psychometric Properties of Social Exclusion Questionnaire for Iranian Divorced Women PDF XML
Fatemeh ZAREI, Mahnaz SOLHI, Effat MERGHATI-KHOEI, Mohammad Hossein TAGHDISI, Davoud SHOJAEIZADEH, Ann Rosemary TAKET, Razieh MASOOMI, Saharnaz NEDJAT Pages: 640-649
Psychometric Soundness of an Arabic Version of the Jefferson Scale of Attitude toward Physician and Nurse Collaboration (JSAPNC): A Preliminary Study PDF XML
Aymen ELSOUS, Ali AKBARI SARI, Mahmoud RADWAN, Samah MOHSEN, Hatem A BU ZAYDEH Pages: 650-658
The Effect of Snail1 Gene Silencing by siRNA in Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Lines PDF XML
Mansoor ALETAHA, Behzad MANSOORI, Ali MOHAMMADI, Mehdi FAZELI, Behzad BARADARAN Pages: 659-670
Exploring Measures to Control Road Traffic Injuries in Iran: Key Informants Points of View PDF XML
Hedayat SALARI, Seyed Abbas MOTEVALIAN, Mohammad ARAB, Atefeh ESFANDIARI, Ali AKBARI SARI Pages: 671-676
Emotional Intelligence in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) PDF XML
Hooshang SABERI, Mahsa GHAJARZADEH Pages: 677-681
An Efficient Predictive Model for Myocardial Infarction Using Cost-sensitive J48 Model PDF XML
Atefeh DARAEI, Hodjat HAMIDI Pages: 682-692
A Comparative Study on Willingness to Pay for Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis Screening in Kerman, Southeastern Iran PDF XML

Short Communication(s)

Prevalence and Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Tehran, Iran PDF XML
Sharareh ESKANDARIEH, Pouria HEYDARPOUR, Seyedeh-Robab ELHAMI, Mohammad Ali SAHRAIAN Pages: 699-704

Letter to the Editor

Comparison of Gene-expression Profiles between Normal and Periodontitis-affected Tissues PDF XML
So-Youn AN, Ki Seok HONG, Jong-Tae PARK Pages: 705-707
Socio-demographic Factors Associated with Inhabitants’ View Related to Vaccines in Indonesia PDF XML
Harapan HARAPAN, Alma ALLETA, Samsul ANWAR, Abdul M. SETIAWAN Pages: 708-710
Treadmill Measurement of Maximal Aerobic Capacity in Untrained Students Aged 9-18 Year PDF XML
Yu Qiao MA, Yan Lin CHEN, Xiao Fang LI, Chen Yang BIAN, Li Na TANG, Si Jin MENG, Yi Zhen YU Pages: 711-712
Dental Education and Oral Health Service in Iraq PDF XML
Ammar NH ALBUJEER, Abbas TAHER Pages: 713-714
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices about Polio Vaccination of the Guardian in Super High-risk Areas of Gadap Town, Karachi, Pakistan PDF XML
Amjad MIRANI, Kourosh HOLAKOUIE-NAIENI, Reza MAJDZADEH, Shahrzad NEMATOLLAHI, Saima BAIG Pages: 715-716
Challenges of Achieving Tuberculosis Elimination by 2050: A Need for More Attention in the TB Control Program in Iran PDF XML
Salman KHAZAEI, Shahab REZAEIAN Pages: 717-718
Basic Health Insurance Package in Iran: Revision Challenges PDF XML
Reza DEHNAVIEH, Hamed RAHIMI Pages: 719-720
Determining the Requirements and Barriers for Using Barcode Technology in the Hospitals of Tabriz, Iran PDF XML
Peyman REZAEI-HACHESU, Leila ZYAEI, Hadi HASSANKHANI Pages: 721-723