Vol 45, No 8 (2016)

Published at 28 Aug 2016

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Breastfeeding Education: Where Are We Going? A Systematic Review Article PDF XML
Maria Adriana BURGIO, Antonio Simone LAGANÀ, Angela SICILIA, Romana PROSPERI PORTA, Maria Grazia PORPORA, Helena BAN FRANGEŽ, Giovanni DI VENTI, Onofrio TRIOLO Pages: 970-977
Quality of Life in Elderly Iranian Population Using the QOL-brief Questionnaire: A Systematic Review PDF XML
Zahra CHERAGHI, Amin DOOSTI-IRANI, Sima NEDJAT, Parvin CHERAGHI, Saharnaz NEDJAT Pages: 978-985
Review of Medicinal Remedies on Hand Eczema Based on Iranian Traditional Medicine: A Narrative Review Article PDF XML
Parvin MANSOURI, Alemeh KHADEMI, Daryoush PAHLEVAN, Zahra MEMARIANI, Jale ALIASL, Laila SHIRBEIGI Pages: 986-996

Original Article(s)

Effects of Alcohol Consumption Frequency on Health Index in Korean Women PDF XML
Hee-Ju KWON, Ik-Rae CHO, Hyo-Joo PARK, Tae-Young KIM Pages: 997-1003
Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Cor Pulmonale and Its Effect on Exercise Capacity PDF XML
Wenxin XU, Jiwei YAO, Longfei CHEN Pages: 1004-1011
Estimation of the Change of Ovarian Cancer Incidence in Kazakhstan: Component Analysis of Its Dynamics with the Consideration of Ethnic Features PDF XML
A Path Model of Job Stress Using Thai Job Content Question-naire (Thai-JCQ) among Thai Immigrant Employees at the Cen-tral Region of Thailand PDF XML
Chonticha KAEWANUCHIT, Yothin SAWANGDEE Pages: 1020-1028
The Effect of Public Service Advertising on Cardiovascular Disease in Korea PDF XML
Juhyun JANG, Baeg Ju NA, Moo-Sik LEE, Soonryu SEO, Changhyun SUNG, Hyun Joo KIM, Jin Yong LEE Pages: 1029-1037
Prevalence of Thalassemia Trait & Iron Deficiency Anemia dur-ing Infancy in 2011-2013 in a Thalassemia Prevalent Region: North Cyprus PDF XML
A Simple and Fast Method Based on New Magnetic Ion Im-printed Polymer as a Highly Selective Sorbent for Preconcentra-tion and Determination of Cadmium in Environmental Samples PDF XML
Zahra PANJALI, Ali Akbar ASGHARINEZHAD, Homeira EBRAHIMZADEH, Niloofar JALILIAN, Rasoul YARAHMADI, Seyed Jamaleddin SHAHTAHERI Pages: 1044-1053
Collagen Extracted from Persian Gulf Squid Exhibits Anti-Cytotoxic Properties on Apple Pectic Treated Cells: Assessment in an In Vitro Bioassay Model PDF XML
Ladan DELPHI, Houri SEPEHRI, Elahe MOTEVASELI, Mohammad Reza KHORRAMIZADEH Pages: 1054-1063
Mosquito Surveillance and the First Record of the Invasive Mos-quito Species Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse) (Diptera: Culicidae) in Southern Iran PDF XML
Sara DOOSTI, Mohammad Reza YAGHOOBI-ERSHADI, Francis SCHAFFNER, Seyed Hassan MOOSA-KAZEMI, Kamran AKBARZADEH, Mohammad Mehdi GOOYA, Hassan VATANDOOST, Mohammad Reza SHIRZADI, Ehsan MOSTAFAVI Pages: 1064-1073

Short Communication(s)

Investigating the Effectiveness of Programs on Health Financing Based on Audit Procedures PDF XML
Ionel BOSTAN Pages: 1074-1079

Case Report(s)

Dietary Habits Affect Quality of Life: Bowel Obstruction Caused by Phytobezoar PDF XML
Majid AKRAMI, Mohammad Reza SASANI Pages: 1080-1082

Letter to the Editor

Estimation of the Salivary Iron in Children with Dental Caries: A Pilot Study PDF XML
Brunah de Oliveira BUCHE, Bruno GUSSO, Fernanda Mara de Paiva BERTOLI, Juliana Feltrin de SOUZA, Ana Tereza Bittencourt GUIMARÃES, João Armando BRANCHER Pages: 1083-1084
Comparison of Body Composition of Trunk and Extremities of Affected Sides at Different Aerobic Exercise Intensities in Chron-ic Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Preliminary Report PDF XML
Tae-Young PARK, Yong-Jun CHA, Sung-Min SON Pages: 1085-1086
Mobile Health Application as a Modern Tool of Prevention and Health Education in Poland PDF XML
Urszula RELIGIONI, Dominik OLEJNICZAK, Joanna KAJAK Pages: 1087-1088
Inclusive Education and Mental Health Preservation for Students PDF XML
Jasmina RADOJLOVIĆ, Nela ĐONOVIĆ, Tatjana SIMOVIĆ Pages: 1089-1090
Physical Fitness of the Arms in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases PDF XML
Anna KOSTIUKOW, Elzbieta KALUGA, Piotr LESZCZYNSKI, Wlodzimierz SAMBORSKI, Elzbieta ROSTKOWSKA Pages: 1091-1092
TENT: A Rapid DNA Extraction Method of Staphylococcus aureus PDF XML
Sepideh HASSANZADEH, Mohammad Reza POURMAND, Davoud AFSHAR, Sanaz DEHBASHI, Rahil MASHHADI Pages: 1093-1095
Integration of Health Information Systems to Promote Health PDF XML
Leila SHAHMORADI, Mahdi HABIBI-KOOLAEE Pages: 1096-1097
Bayesian Statistical Methods and Their Valuable Applications in the Pharmaceutical Sciences PDF XML
Farzan MADADIZADEH, Mohammad EZATI ASAR, Mostafa HOSSEINI Pages: 1098-1099
Vitiligo Treatment in Ancient Iranian Medicine PDF XML
Mohammad POURMAND, Mohammad ASGHARZADEH, Jalil RASHEDI, Behroz MAHDAVI POOR Pages: 1100-1101
Extreme Religious Perceptions and Vitamin D PDF XML
Jalil RASHEDI, Behroz MAHDAVI POOR, Mohammad ASGHARZADEH Pages: 1102