Vol 45, No 3 (2016)

Published at 15 Mar 2016

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Physician Dual Practice: A Descriptive Mapping Review of Liter¬ature PDF XML
Javad MOGHRI, Mohammad ARAB, Arash RASHIDIAN, Ali AKBARI SARI Pages: 278-288

Original Article(s)

Time Trends in Self-Rated Health and Disability in Older Span¬ish People: Differences by Gender and Age PDF XML
Pedro GIRON Pages: 289-296
Nutritional Intervention and Breakfast Behavior of Kindergartens PDF XML
Yongqing GAO, Chunsheng CAI, Jian LI, Wenjie SUN Pages: 297-304
Assessment of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in Two Provinces of Turkey PDF XML
Dursun TATAR, Gunes SENOL, Serpil ALPTEKIN, Ebru GUNES, Mert AYDIN, Ozdal GUNES Pages: 305-313
Intervention of Collective Exercise on the Mental Health of El¬derly Hypertensive Patients PDF XML
Wenxin XU, Menglong LI, Jiwei YAO Pages: 314-321
Antifungal Susceptibility Analysis of Clinical Isolates of Candida parapsilosis in Iran PDF XML
Ensieh LOTFALI, Parivash KORDBACHEH, Hossein MIRHENDI, Farideh ZAINI, Ali GHAJARI, Rasoul MOHAMMADI, Fatemeh NOORBAKHSH, Maryam MO­AZENI, Aliakbar FALLAHI, Sassan REZAIE Pages: 322-328
Setting up Multiplex Panels for Genetic Testing of Familial Hy¬pertrophic Cardiomyopathy Based on Linkage Analysis PDF XML
Hoorieh SAGHAFI, Majid HAGHJOO, Sima SABBAGH, Niloofar SAMIEE, Farve VAKILIAN, Mohammad TAGHI SALEHI OMRAN, Masoomeh DADASHI, Ahmad AMIN, Mohammad KERAMATIPOUR Pages: 329-339
Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplement on Antioxidant En¬zymes Activity in Type 2 Diabetic Patients PDF XML
Fatemeh TOORANG, Abolghassem DJAZAYERY, Mahmoud DJALALI Pages: 340-345
Whole Exome Sequencing of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Pa¬tients PDF XML
Shaghayegh SABRI, Manouchehr KEYHANI, Mohammad Taghi AKBARI Pages: 346-352
Effect of Nutritional Habits on Dental Caries in Permanent Den¬tition among Schoolchildren Aged 10-12 Years: A Zero-In-flated Generalized Poisson Regression Model Approach PDF XML
Health Promoting Hospitals Model in Iran PDF XML
Maryam YAGHOUBI, Marzieh JAVADI, Mohammadkarim BAHADORI, Ramin RAVANGARD Pages: 362-369

Case Report(s)

Mendelian Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Disease due to IL-12Rβ1 Deficiency in Three Iranian Children PDF XML
Shokouh Azam SARRAFZADEH, Maryam MAHLOOJIRAD, Maryam NOURIZA­DEH, Jean-Laurent CASANOVA, Zahra POURPAK, Jacinta BUSTAMANTE, Mostafa MOIN Pages: 370-375
Newborn with Supernumerary Marker Chromosome Derived from Chromosomes 11 And 22- A Case Report PDF XML
Mohammad Yahya VAHIDI MEHRJARDI, Masoud DEHGHAN TEZERJANI, Mahmoud NORI-SHADKAM, Seyed Mehdi KALANTAR, Mohammadreza DEHGHANI Pages: 376-380
A Rare Case of Bilateral Agenesis of Central Lower Incisors Asso¬ciated With Upper Impacted Canine- A Case Report PDF XML
Anca PORUMB, Ioana IGNAT ROMANUL, Camelia DALAI, Gabiela CIAVOI, Ioan Andrei TIG Pages: 381-386

Letter to the Editor

Anti-Fatigue Effects of Acute Red Ginseng Intake in Recovery from Repetitive Anaerobic Exercise PDF XML
Seongeon KIM, Jooyoung KIM, Yongsoo LEE, Min Keun SEO, Dong Jun SUNG Pages: 387-389
Mediation Role of Hope between Self-efficacy and Subjective Well-being PDF PDF XML
Peng QUAN, Dan HUANG, Yulan YU, Ruiming LIU Pages: 390-391
Association of MMP-2 (-1306 C>T), MMP-9 (-1562 C>T) Gene Polymorphism and the Formation of the Hematological Malig¬nancies PDF PDF XML
Kaan SAVASOGLU, Mehmet EMIN ERDAL Pages: 392-393
Remote Control and Monitoring of Microscopic Slides PDF XML
Faizan SHERAZ, Fatima HEMANI, Hasnain Abbas DHARAMSHI Pages: 394-395
Effect of Exposure to Tobacco Smoke on Response to Anti-Tu-mor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Treatment in Patients with Rheuma-toid Arthritis PDF XML
Ozgur Zeliha KARAAHMET, Ajda BAL, Deniz DULGEROGLU, Eda GURCAY, Halise Hande GEZER, Aytul CAKCI Pages: 396-398
Proportion of Mortality Attributable to Tobacco Worldwide PDF XML
Comparison of Standardized Plant Analysis Risk Human Relia­bility Analysis (SPAR-H) and Cognitive Reliability Error Analysis Meth­ods (CREAM) in Quantifying Human Error in Nursing Prac­tice PDF XML
Iraj MOHAMMADFAM, Maryam MOVAFAGH, Saeid BASHIRIAN Pages: 401-402
Assessment of Quality of Life among Residents of Tehran: Re¬sults from a Large Cross Sectional Study PDF XML
Aziz KASSANI, Mohsen ASADI-LARI, Jafar HASSANZADEH Pages: 403-404
Is it Blue Light or Increased Electromagnetic Fields which Af¬fects the Circadian Rhythm in People who Use Smartphones at Night PDF XML
Seyed Mohammad Javad MORTAZAVI, Seyed Alireza MORTAZAVI, Parham HABIBZADEH, Ghazal MORTAZAVI Pages: 405-406
Enuresis of Children from the Perspective of Iranian Traditional Medicine PDF XML
Fatemeh NOJAVAN, Zinat GHANBARI, Mohammadbagher MINAEE, Hosein SHARIFI Pages: 407-408