Vol 45, No 2 (2016)

Published at 28 Feb 2015

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Assessing Predictive Validity of Pressure Ulcer Risk Scales- A Sys-tematic Review and Meta-Analysis PDF XML
Seong-Hi PARK, Hea Shoon LEE Pages: 122-133
International Patients’ Travel Decision Making Process- A Con-cep¬tual Framework PDF XML
Mohammad Jamal KHAN, Shankar CHELLIAH, Mahmod Sabri HARON Pages: 134-145

Original Article(s)

Interaction of Depression and Nicotine Addiction on the Severity of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Prospective Cohort Study PDF XML
Peian LOU, Peipei CHEN, Pan ZHANG, Jiaxi YU, Yong WANG, Na CHEN, Lei ZHANG, Hongmin WU, Jing ZHAO Pages: 146-157
Development of a Transition Process Scale for High-risk Infant’s Caregiver PDF XML
Mi YU Pages: 158-169
A Single Nucleotide Variant in HNF-1β is associated with Ma¬turity-Onset Diabetes of the Young in a Large Chinese Family PDF XML
Peng ZHOU, Ran WEI, Zhenkui GUO, Haining ZHU, Desmond CAMPBELL, Qi LI, Xiaoqun XU, Junfu WANG, Meng LUAN, Xing CHEN, Gang CHEN Pages: 170-178
Female Labor Supply and Fertility in Iran: A Comparison Be¬tween Developed, Semi Developed and Less Developed Re¬gions PDF XML
Sara EMAM GHOLIPOUR SEFIDDASHTI, Enayatollah HOMAIE RAD, Mohammad ARAB, Shima BORDBAR Pages: 186-193
High Prevalence of Refractive Errors in 7 Year Old Children in Iran PDF XML
Towards the Application of Fuzzy Logic for Developing a Novel Indoor Air Quality Index (FIAQI) PDF XML
Allahbakhsh JAVID, Amir Abbas HAMEDIAN, Hamed GHARIBI, Mohammad Hos­sein SOWLAT Pages: 203-213
Emotional Intelligence: A Comparison between Medical and Non-Medical Students PDF XML
Ibrahim ABDOLLAHPOUR, Saharnaz NEDJAT, Mohammad Ali BESHARAT, Bayan HOSSEINI, Yahya SALIMI Pages: 214-222
A Comparison between the Effects of Albendazole and Meben¬ dazole on the Enzymatic Activity of Excretory / Secretory Prod-ucts of Echinococcus granulosus Protoscoleces in Vitro PDF XML
Seyed Jafar ADNANI SADATI, Ali FARAHNAK, Mohammad Bagher MOLAEI RAD, Abolfazl GOLESTANI, Mohammad Reza ESHRAGHIYAN Pages: 223-229
Evaluation of Quechers Sample Preparation and GC Mass Spec-trom¬etry Method for the Determination of 15 Pesticide Resi¬dues in Tomatoes Used in Salad Production Plants PDF XML
Elham JAHANMARD, Fatemeh ANSARI, Mansour FEIZI Pages: 230-238
Predicting the Survival Time for Bladder Cancer Using an Addi-tive Hazards Model in Microarray Data PDF XML
Leili TAPAK, Hossein MAHJUB, Majid SADEGHIFAR, Massoud SAIDIJAM, Jalal POOROLAJAL Pages: 239-248

Case Report(s)

Mendelian Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Disease due to IL-12Rβ1 Deficiency in Three Iranian Children PDF XML
Shokouh azam SARRAFZADEH, Maryam MAHLOOJIRAD, Maryam NOURIZADEH, Jean-Laurent CASANOVA, Zahra POURPAK, Jacinta BUSTAMANTE, Mostafa MOIN Pages: 249-254

Letter to the Editor

Negative Association of Plasma Cholesterol and Low-density Li-poprotein Cholesterol, but not Testosterone or Growth Hor¬mone, with Bone Mineral Density in Elderly Korean Men PDF XML
Dong Jun SUNG, Wi-Young SO Pages: 255-256
Handling the Periodontal Disease in Community PDF XML
Irma SIREGAR, Ratnawati HENDARI Pages: 257-259
Burnout Syndrome in Moroccan Training Resident: Impact on Quality of Life PDF XML
Jihane BELAYACHI, Ilham RKAIN, Hanane RKAIN, Naoufel MADANI, Fatiha AMLAIKY, Aicha ZEKRAOUI, Tarek DENDANE, Khalid ABIDI, Amine Ali ZE­GGWAGH, Redouane ABOUQAL Pages: 260-262
Antioxidants Content in Empetrum nigrum Fresh and Dried Fruits PDF XML
Oprica LACRAMIOARA, Manzu CIPRIAN Pages: 263-265
Influence of Smoking Duration on Cadmium Deposition in Blood and Scalp Hair among University Students in Jordan PDF XML
Walid ABU RAYYAN Pages: 266-267
Achieving Soul Integrity According to Psychological Analysis of Bemoniand Alexander Story PDF XML
Azarmidokht ROKNI Pages: 268-269
Disparities in Incidence and Mortality of Breast Cancer PDF XML
Mahshid GHONCHEH, Shahin SOLTANI, Hamid SALEHINIYA Pages: 270-271
Coronary Artery Diseases in Women PDF XML
Toba KAZEMI, Masood VAFAYENEGHAD, Gholamreza SHARIFZADEH Pages: 272-273
Health Tourism in Iran: A Path towards Sustainable Develop­ment PDF XML
Seyyed Meysam MOUSAVI, Mehdi HAGHI, Mahdi GHARASI MANSHADI Pages: 274-275
Factors Associated with Pesticide Use Behaviors among Farm­workers Based On Health Belief Model PDF XML
Abotaleb BAY, Hashem HESHMATI Pages: 276-277