Vol 44, No 12 (2015)

Published at 22 Dec 2015

Table of Contents


Review Article(s)

Association between FEN1 Polymorphisms -69G>A and 4150G>T with Susceptibility in Human Disease: A Meta-Analysis PDF XML
Nanjiao YING, Shuo WANG, Hong XU, Yanyi WANG Pages: 1574-1579
Prevalence and Cause of Self-Medication in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Article PDF XML
Saber AZAMI-AGHDASH, Mohammad MOHSENI, Manal ETEMADI, Sanaz ROYANI, Ahmad MOOSAVI, Majid NAKHAEE Pages: 1580-1593

Original Article(s)

Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Prehypertension by Gender and Age in a Korean Population in the KNHANES 2010–2012 PDF XML
Youngbum KIM, Seunghee LEE Pages: 1594-1602
The Relationship between Social Support and Quality of Life: Evi¬dence from a Prospective Study in Chinese Patients with Esopha¬geal Carcinoma PDF XML
Yanjie WANG, Lili ZHU, Fang YUAN, Lixia KANG, Zhen JIA, Dongming CHEN, Ping ZHANG, Zhanchun FENG Pages: 1603-1612
Rape against Brazilian Women: Characteristics of Victims and Sex Offenders PDF XML
Rafaella Q. SOUTO, Francisco K. C. D. ARAÚJO, Alidianne F. C. XAVIER, Alessandro L. CAVALCANTI Pages: 1613-1619
Perception of Lay People Regarding Determinants of Health and Factors Affecting It: An Aggregated Analysis from 29 Countries PDF XML
Aqeela ZAHRA, Eun-Whan LEE, Li-Yuan SUN, Jae-Hyun PARK Pages: 1620-1631
Optimized Expression and Purification of Humbug in Pichia pas¬toris and Its Monoclonal Antibody Preparation PDF XML
Ting HUYAN, Ruihua TANG, Jing LI, Qi LI, Xiaoping XUE, Hui YANG Pages: 1632-1642
Lean Body Mass as a Predictive Value of Hypertension in Young Adults, in Ankara, Turkey PDF XML
Yashar VAZIRI, Sidika BULDUK, Zhaleh SHADMAN, Emre Ozgur BULDUK, Mehdi HEDAYATI, Haluk KOC, Fatmanur ER, Ceren Suveren ERDOGAN Pages: 1643-1654
Prevalence of Null Genotypes of Glutathione S-Transferase T1 (GSTT1) and M1 (GSTM1) in Seven Iranian Populations PDF XML
Gholamreza NASSERI, Tahereh ZAHEDI, Fatemeh MOUSAVI-KAZEROONI, Mostafa SAADAT Pages: 1655-1661
The Misuse of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids among Iranian Re-crea¬tional Male Body-Builders and Their Related Psycho-So¬cio-Demographic factors PDF XML
Hooman ANGOORANI, Farzin HALABCHI Pages: 1662-1669
Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Students Regarding Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak PDF XML
Kourosh HOLAKOUIE-NAIENI, Alireza AHMADVAND, Owais RAZA, Abraham ASSAN, Adel Hussein ELDUMA, Alieu JAMMEH, Aram Salih Mohammed Amin KAMALI, Ahang Abdullah KAREEM, Fatima Mahmud MUHAMMAD, Hasnain SABAHAT, Kabir Ozigi ABDULLAHI, Raeed Ahmad SAEED, Sami Najmaddin SAEED Pages: 1670-1676
Survival Analysis of Breast Cancer Patients after Surgery with an Intermediate Event: Application of Illness-Death Model PDF XML
Morteza HAJIHOSSEINI, Javad FARADMAL, Abdolazim SADIGHI-PASHAKI Pages: 1677-1684
The Interaction between Heterotrophic Bacteria and Coliform, Fecal Coliform, Fecal Streptococci Bacteria in the Water Supply Networks PDF XML
Nazak AMANIDAZ, Ali ZAFARZADEH, Amir Hossein MAHVI Pages: 1685-1692
Detecting Driver Mental Fatigue Based on EEG Alpha Power Changes during Simulated Driving PDF XML
Faramarz GHARAGOZLOU, Gebraeil Nasl SARAJI, Adel MAZLOUMI, Ali NAHVI, Ali Motie NASRABADI, Abbas RAHIMI FOROUSHANI, Ali Arab KHERAD­MAND, Mohammadreza ASHOURI, Mehdi SAMAVATI Pages: 1693-1700

Letter to the Editor

Type of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Influenc¬ing Factors, and Functional Status PDF XML
Jeong-won HAN, Sangsook HAN Pages: 1701-1703
Quality of Life and Fatigue among Jordanian Cancer Patients PDF XML
Abdul-Monim BATIHA, Kholoud Abu OBEAD, Fadwa N ALHALAIQA, Mariam M. KAWAFHA, Aida ABD EL-RAZEK, Mohammed ALBASHTAWY, Ahmad SAIFAN, Mohannad EID ABU RUZ, Hytham Al EWAIDAT Pages: 1704-1705
Accidental Injury of Chinese Children: Priorities and Actions PDF XML
Lv CHEN, Huaiqing LUO, Ping DING, Xiaoying LIU, Ruixue HUANG Pages: 1706-1707
Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms (WMSS) among the Motorcycle Mechanics of Lahore, Pakistan PDF XML
Mujtaba BAQAR, Muhammad ARSLAN, Nadia JAMIL, Hina ZAHID Pages: 1708-1709
Clinical Observation on the Disinfection of Turbine Water Sys¬tem to Minimize Postoperative Complications of Minimally Inva¬sive Tooth Extraction PDF XML
Qingtao CHENG, Penglai WANG, Wei WANG, Zongxiang LIU, Gang LIU, Xinfeng ZHANG, Bei REN, Jun ZHANG Pages: 1710-1711
Perspective of Iranian Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Surveillance System in the Era of Newly Introduced Pentavalent Vaccine: Possi¬bility of Implementing a Sentinel Hospital-Based Surveil¬lance System PDF XML
Manoochehr KARAMI, Seyed Mohsen ZAHRAEI, Mohammad Mehdi GOUYA Pages: 1712-1713
Using Advanced Statistical Models to Predict the Non-Communica¬ble Diseases PDF XML
Farzan MADADIZADEH, Abbas BAHRAMPOUR, Seyyed Meysam MOUSAVI, Mitra MONTAZERI Pages: 1714-1715
Iran’s Health System and Readiness to Meet the Aging Chal¬lenges PDF XML
Seyyed Meysam Mousavi, Mehdi HAGHI, Mahdi GHARASI MANSHADI Pages: 1716-1717
Some Facts about Case Fatality of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Iran PDF XML
Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis Presenting With Isolated Uveitis PDF XML
Ali MAHDAVI FARD, Rana SORKHABI, Arezou TAJLIL Pages: 1720-1722