Iranian Journal of Public Health 2017. 46(3):318-325.

Molecular and Morphometrical Characterization of Fasciola Species Isolated from Domestic Ruminants in Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran
Mojgan ARYAEIPOUR, Mojgan ARYAEIPOUR, Arezoo BOZORGOMID, Bahram KAZEMI, Massoud BEHNIA, Hakim AZIZI, Mohammad Bagher ROKNI



Background: We aimed to describe morphological and morphometrical characteristics of Fasciola spp. in livestock from Ardabil Province, Northwest Iran.

Methods: Forty adult flukes were collected from different definitive hosts (cattle and sheep). Previously specimens were identified as F. hepatica or F. gigantica based on PCR-RFLP of the ITS-1 region with RsaI enzyme.  We identified Fasciola spp. based on morphological and metric assessment of external features of fresh adults, morphological and metric assessment of internal anatomy of stained mounted worms. Statistical analysis was conducted using the Student’s t-test implemented in SPSS 15.0 (SPSS, Chicago, Illinois). Then the morphometric criteria of Fasciola samples were compared with PCR-RFLP data. The results of PCR-RFLP were confirmed by COI gene sequence.

Results: The differences between the body length, area of the body, peripheral of the body, succer area, cone length, cone width, in two species were significant (

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