Designing Excellence and Quality Model for Training Centers of Primary Health Care: A Delphi Method Study

  • Jafar-Sadegh TABRIZI
  • Javad SHAHGOLI
  • Mohammad Reza RAHBAR
  • Hamid-Reza AHADI


Background: Excellence and quality models are comprehensive methods for improving the quality of healthcare. The aim of this study was to design excellence and quality model for training centers of primary health care using Delphi method. Methods: In this study, Delphi method was used. First, comprehensive information were collected using literature review. In extracted references, 39 models were identified from 34 countries and related sub-criteria and standards were extracted from 34 models (from primary 39 models). Then primary pattern including 8 criteria, 55 sub-criteria, and 236 standards was developed as a Delphi questionnaire and evaluated in four stages by 9 specialists of health care system in Tabriz and 50 specialists from all around the country.Results: Designed primary model (8 criteria, 55 sub-criteria, and 236 standards) were concluded with 8 criteria, 45 sub-criteria, and 192 standards after 4 stages of evaluations by specialists. Major criteria of the model are leadership, strategic and operational planning, resource management, information analysis, human resources management, process management, costumer results, and functional results, where the top score was assigned as 1000 by specialists. Functional results had the maximum score of 195 whereas planning had the minimum score of 60. Furthermore the most and the least sub-criteria was for leadership with 10 sub-criteria and strategic planning with 3 sub-criteria, respectively. Conclusion: The model that introduced in this research has been designed following 34 reference models of the world. This model could provide a proper frame for managers of health system in improving quality. Keywords: Quality model, Excellence model, Training centers, Primary cares, Iran
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TABRIZI J-S, FARAHBAKHSH M, SHAHGOLI J, RAHBAR MR, NAGHAVI-BEHZAD M, AHADI H-R, AZAMI-AGHDASH S. Designing Excellence and Quality Model for Training Centers of Primary Health Care: A Delphi Method Study. IJPH. 44(10):1367-75.
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