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Iranian Journal of Public Health has been continuously published since 1971, as the only Journal in all health domains, with wide distribution (including WHO in Geneva and Cairo) in two languages (English and Persian). From 2001 issue, the Journal is published only in English language. During the last 45 years more than 2000 scientific research papers, results of health activities, surveys and services, have been published in this Journal. To meet the increasing demand of respected researchers, as of January 2012, the Journal is published monthly. I wish this will assist to promote the level of global knowledge. The main topics that the Journal would welcome are: Bioethics, Disaster and Health, Entomology, Epidemiology, Health and Environment, Health Economics, Health Services, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Mental Health, Microbiology, Nutrition and Food Safety, Occupational Health, Oral Health. We would be very delighted to receive your Original papers, Review Articles, Short communications, Case reports and Scientific Letters to the Editor on the above men­tioned research areas.



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Posted: 2016-12-05
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Vol 47, No 1 (2018): Supplementary Issue

1st International Conference on Past, Present, and Future of Public Health in East Asia (Feb 22, 2018, Jeju, Korea)

Table of Contents

Review Article(s)

The Turning Point of China’s Rural Public Health during the Cultural Revolution Period: Barefoot Doctors: A Narrative Review Article PDF XML
Youngsub LEE, Hyoungsup KIM Pages: 1-8
Trend of Daily Sports Participation in Korean Aged Population and Sports Policy: A Review of Research on Public Daily Sports Participation PDF XML
Misuk KIM, Sejeong PARK, Hyunjeong KIM, Eunsurk YI, Sangwan JEON Pages: 9-18

Original Article(s)

Association between Cigarette Smoking Frequency and Health Factors among Korean Adults PDF XML
Hu-Nyun KIM, Mi-Ae SHIN, Jae-Hun ROH, Mi-Kyung HAN, Yu-Mi WON, Ik-Rae CHO, Hyo-Joo PARK, Taek-Kyun LEE, Tae-Keun PARK, Hee-Moon HA, Seung-Won YANG, Seung-Hi MIN, Shin-Young LEE, Sang-Ho LEE, Ji-Hyuk KIM, Se-Jeong KWON, Yeon-Sook LEE, Young-Wan KO, In-Hong KIM, Jeong-Hyeon KWAK, Tae-Gyeom JUNG, Jeong-Woo JEON, Kyung-Rok OH, Hye-Sook HA, Me-Suk KIM, Yeong-Man KIM, Min-Jeong KIM, Tae-Young KIM, Ji-Hyoung CHIN Pages: 19-26
Assessing the Values of Blueberries Intake on Exercise Performance, TAS, and Inflammatory Factors PDF XML
Chan Ho PARK, Yi Sub KWAK, Han Kyo SEO, Hye Young KIM Pages: 27-32
Assessing the Impact of Aging on Burden of Disease PDF XML
Eun-Jung KIM, Sung-Won JUNG, Young-Eun KIM, Dun-Sol GO, Seok-Jun YOON Pages: 33-38
Factors Related to the Attitude of North Korean Refugees Towards People with Mental Illness PDF XML
Jin-Won NOH, Jong-Min WOO, Hyunchun PARK, Sun Jae JUNG, Yejin LEE, Young Dae KWON Pages: 39-46
Behaviors and Culture of Drinking among Korean People PDF XML
Seungduk KO, Aeree SOHN Pages: 47-56
A Comparative Study on Acceptance and Distribution of Modern Medical Care in Japanese Colonies PDF XML
Do-Hyung KIM, Eun-Young PARK Pages: 57-64
Effects of Circuit Training According to the Feedback Type on Psychological and Physical Health of Workers with Social Anxie-ty Disorder PDF XML
Yeon-Ji SHIN, Joon-Hee LEE Pages: 65-73
Effects of 12 Weeks of Combined Exercise on Heart Rate Variability and Dynamic Pulmonary Function in Obese and Elderly Korean Women PDF XML
Jisu KIM, Hun-Young PARK, Kiwon LIM Pages: 74-81

Letter to the Editor

Educational Policies of Martial Art and Health in Schools Implemented by Japanese Colonial Power (1931~1937) PDF XML
Eui-Ryong HWANG, Tae-Young KIM Pages: 82-83